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Loved by Enterprises

"The Scale3 team has deep expertise in managing web3 infrastructure. Their Blockchain Intelligence product has been very useful for staying on top of node updates and network announcements across multiple blockchain networks. We look forward to partnering with them more deeply."

Nalin Mittal

Product Lead, Web3, Google

"Scale3 deeply understands the critical problems that underpin observability in web3 infrastructure. Out of the box performance monitoring and alerting, with virtually no setup required, are massive steps toward empowering the next generation of infrastructure providers. As a small operator, Scale3 has dramatically simplified my observability and monitoring stack, resulting in increased confidence and performance."


SUI Validator

"Scale3 is the leading DevOps platform for web3 infrastructure. The Scale3 team applies first principles thinking towards redefining DevOps in Web3, and Mysten Labs is ecstatic to partner with Scale3 to ensure high reliability and security for validators in the Sui Ecosystem."

Adeniyi Abiodun

Chief Product Officer, Mysten Labs

"Using Scale3 has helped the Spartan Labs team with running our Sui validator tremendously. Rather than building out our own monitoring and alert systems from scratch we were able to get up and running within minutes. The team has been awesome in answering our questions, going above and beyond in sharing their deep expertise and experience in web3 infrastructure & devops. We cannot recommend them enough."

Audrey Akwenye

Chief Technology Officer, Spartan Labs

"The communication from the Scale3 team has been top-notch - I am so grateful for the support they provided in chat and on calls, and with their background I know I am in good hands. Can't wait to see how the product continues to evolve over the next year!."

Max Sherwood

Co-founder & MD, H2O Nodes